Sample Projects


  1. Health education and workshop on HIV/AIDS, immunizations, nutrition, and child spacing.
  2. Donation of a palm oil processing mill by the Founder to local women as a revenue generating project and to reduce the hardship experienced by women in producing palm oil.
  3. The founder pioneered the establishment of a Comprehensive Health Center that has made health care services easily accessible and affordable to her rural community.
  4. Award of scholarships to less privileged children and orphans
  5. Donation of School Supplies to about 1000 school children in partnership with MTN Foundation – Nigeria
  6. Donation of food items by WOHI to school children in rural schools.
  7. Distribution of shoes and clothes to rural women, youth and children. Renovation of the house of a young widow. Provided support and healthcare services to the target groups and elderly in rural areas.
  8. Establishment of a micro finance scheme for less privileged women, widows and youth in a rural community.
  9. Formation of co-operative societies that will facilitate access to resources, skill acquisitions, vocational training and capacity building.
  10. Organization of workshops and seminars on health issues, skills acquisition, and vocational training on income generating activities.
  11. Involvement in medical missions organized by local and international organizations.
  12. Donation of cash crops, fertilizers and agriculture equipment to boost their production to rural women.
  13. Donated medical supplies and vitamins to rural health center.
  14. Sponsorship of soccer championships for rural youth with 11 participating teams (in partnership with 7up)

Sample Projects



“Sponsor a Child” project provides fees, uniforms and needed school supplies.
Education Advancement – Awarding of Scholarships for Secondary School and University education.


Continue WOHI’s established micro finance program and other revenue generating activities for less privileged women.


Continue Health Education Sessions on chronic diseases, disease prevention and health screening by primary care medical volunteers.
Donation of medical equipment, medical supplies and medications to rural hospitals and community health centers.
Medical missions in rural areas.

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