Our Programs

Education Program

Goal: To improve access to education by providing students with the tools they need.

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. “ by John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Projects include:

  1. Scholarship program
    i.  Award of scholarships to less privileged Elementary, Secondary/High and University students particularly orphans who are in dire financial need.
    ii. Peter Ngozi Nwaneri Memorial Scholarship. This is in memory of Peter Ngozi Nwaneri, a graduate student at Harvard Kennedy School, who met his untimely death 3 months to graduation. We are a supporter of this scholarship awarded to students within the Harvard Kennedy School
  2. Donation of School supplies – This is to ensure adequate capacity for children in poverty to engage in their education.
    Examples of Donations include:
    i. Donation of School Supplies to about 1000 school children in partnership with MTN Foundation – Nigeria
    ii. Donation of radios to Abia State Ministry of Education, Nigeria in partnership with Abia People in Diaspora for children who were in need to engage in distance learning during the Covid 19 Epidemic.

Education Project Pictures

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Health Program


    To prevent diseases and promote the health of women and children in rural and underserved urban populations through initiatives such as health education seminars, workshops and screenings.

Projects include:

  1. The founder pioneered the establishment of a Comprehensive Health that has been upgraded to a hospital in a rural community in Imo state in Nigeria. This has made health care services easily accessible and affordable to rural community.
  2. Donation of medical supplies, equipment, and medications to the rural Health Center.
  3. Donation of food items by WOHI to school children in rural schools.
  4. Donation of food items to different rural villages in Eastern Nigeria during the COVID-19 epidemic.
  5. Organization of workshops/seminars on health issues to the rural women
  6. 5k WALK organized to raise awareness of the importance of physical activities in achieving optimal health.
  7. Good Food program at OMNI medical center, Maryland USA. WOHI organized a presentation by a nutritionist and a nurse presenting to children and their families the importance of healthy foods and giveaways afterwards by Santa Claus.
  8. Donation of hundreds of bags during the COVID-19 epidemic of PPE items such as masks, sanitizers, bath and dental hygiene items and healthy snacks to the Boys and Girls Club of Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. USA in partnership with WAWA, ALDI, New Wave Foundation and Zend Health.
  9. Collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington DC to conduct classes with the children on topics such as good hygiene and staying healthy.
  10. Donation of hundreds of bags during the COVID-19 epidemic of PPE items such as masks, sanitizers, bath and dental hygiene items and healthy snacks to the Boys and Girls Club of Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. USA in partnership with WAWA, ALDI, New Wave Foundation and Zend Health.

Economic Empowerment Program

Goal : To empower women and youth in income generating activities aimed at poverty alleviation through our Micro-finance schemes, Skills Acquisition, Vocational Training and Capacity Building.

Projects include:

  1. Providing less privileged Nigerian women in rural and urban underserved areas interest-free loans through our microfinance scheme to start up new businesses or boost their already existing businesses. Co-sponsored by General Electric Kujenga program.
  2. Formation of co-operative societies to encourage accountability, sharing of strategies and to easily access assistance .
  3. Engaging and encouraging them in skills acquisition, vocational training and capacity building.
  4. Donation of a palm oil processing mill to rural women as a revenue generating project and to reduce the hardship experienced by women in producing palm oil.
  5. Donation of agriculture cash crops, fertilizers, and agriculture equipment to rural women to boost their food production.
  6. Renovation of the house of a young widow of 6 children with HIV/AIDS.
  7. Distribution of shoes and clothes to rural women, youth and children.

Youth Economic Empowerment Program

Goal: Encouraging at-risk youth to be engaged in activities that are productive instead of delinquency.

Projects include:

  1. The WOHI sponsored soccer championships for rural youth, with 11 participating teams in partnership with 7up.
  2. Organization of workshops and seminars on skills acquisition and vocational training on revenue generating activities.

Testimonial – Skills Acquisition Catering Training Program – With our initial cohort from a group of neighboring villages, from most unemployed at the beginning, almost all have become employed or started a business within 90 days of graduation from the program.

Make an Impact. WOHI has a 501(c)(3) tax deductible status.