Mrs. Charity Nwaneri RN, BSN, MA.


Wheel of Hope Initiative (WOHI)

Charity Nwaneri attended Queen’s School, Enugu, Nigeria. She graduated from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. where she obtained  a Bachelor’s degree (BSN) in Nursing and a Master’s degree (MA.) in Hospital Administration from George Washington University also in Washington, D.C. She worked in different hospitals in the United States before she returned to Nigeria to continue her career in Hospital Administration at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (L.U.T.H.) where she rose to the position of Assistant Director of Administration.

After working in health care services, she developed an interest in Real Estate, where she excelled and distinguished herself. Her hard work, professionalism and integrity endeared her to her colleagues and clients. Charity has always had passion for helping less privileged people from her early years of life. She is a strong advocate on Education, Health and Women/Youth economic empowerment. After she witnessed  rural people live in abject poverty and suffer tremendous hardship as well as witnessed the death of a young lawyer in her local area due to lack of medical facility and care, she decided to help and fight for the rural weak and voiceless i.e. Women, Youth and Children for better life through 3 pillars of empowerment: Education, Women/Youth economic empowerment and Health.

This led to the “Wheel of Hope Initiative” (WOHI), a non-profit organization with a 501(C)(3) tax deductible status. She is the founder and president with a Board of dedicated and motivated members who share the same vision with her. She believes that if everyone contributes a little to our less privileged ones, it will go a long way than doing nothing. She believes that “Success is not measured by how much you have acquired but by how many lives you have impacted.” Mrs. Charity Nwaneri has traveled extensively and her exposure in relating with different groups of people in different countries, made her realize that many are suffering in the midst of plenty. She plans to take WOHI to a higher level and to spend the rest of her life in the service of humanity. She is a seasoned Administrator, a philanthropist and a woman leader who has won many awards. She is blessed with a beautiful family for which she is grateful to God

Make an Impact. WOHI has a 501(c)(3) tax deductible status.